Why use a Professional Property Manager?

  • To maximise your returns
  • To minimise stress
  • To secure your future
  • To access market information and advice

Maximise Your Returns
Investment properties should make money for you, not work!
New Zealanders are great DIYers. It's a strength and, sometimes, a weakness.

If you manage your own investment property - as many people do - it's very hard to know if you're getting the best return on it.

  • Do you know for certain what market rents are in your area?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the tax breaks available to you?
  • When repairs are needed, are you getting the best prices and quality on maintenance work?
  • When tenants move out, is your property re-tenanted (with reliable tenants) as quickly as it could be?

First National Collective Taranaki Property Management do nothing but manage rental properties. We can help you enjoy maximum returns on your investment, and keep your weekends free for family and fun.

Not only that, we also remove the stress of managing your own property. Things like interviewing potential tenants, collecting rent (and chasing arrears), managing paperwork, and a host of other time consuming chores.

If you already use a Property Manager, you might want to consider switching to us in this area. Switching is easy - we take care of all the paperwork and also notify tenants.

Minimise Your Stress
Does your current Property Manager provide you with ...

  • Intelligent, honest feedback and advice?
  • High impact marketing of your property?
  • A smooth leasing process?
  • Highest quality tenants?
  • Highest possible return?
  • Comprehensive account management?
  • A dedicated single point of contact?
  • 24/7 service for you and your tenant?

If not, you may wish to consider switching to First National Collective Taranaki Property Management.

Secure Your Future
You wouldn't just give any company who called themselves a bank your life savings. Investment property is no different. For many people, it is their life savings - or a major part of it.

So the same standards of professionalism and securtiy should apply. Make sure you complete due diligence, before you engage a Property Manager. Let First National Collective Taranakimake this easy for you.

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Our Property Management services offer:

  • Hundreds of happy clients
  • Qualified and experienced Property Managers
  • Hundreds of properties managed through South Taranaki

As an First National Collective Taranakiclient, you enjoy our service guarantee.

Through our experience we have developed sound, well-documented processes and systems to ensure your property is managed effectively - keeping you and your tenants happy.

Quality Tenants
Finding quality tenants isn't easy. There are a range of checks that have to be carried out, and even then it's easy to be fooled. Our processes screen out unsuitable tenants and leave us with a list of candidates you can feel confident about.

Customer Service
Tenants are busy people too. They expect to be able to view a home when it suits them. They want as much information as possible before they view. They want to know they're dealing with professional people of integrity. By choosing First National Collective Taranaki , you set a great impression right from the start and attract the best tenants.

Enjoy chasing late rent payments? Of course not. We have an excellent arrears policy and have robust systems for chasing them up.

Sadly, mediation and dispute tribunal hearings come with the territory in investment property. Having a Property Manager means we attend these meetings for you if the need arises.

Ever had a property sit vacant for weeks despite your best efforts? Is it because the rent's too high, the advertising's in the wrong publication, the location's unappealing, or the wallpaper's out of date? In depth market knowledge can help you answer those questions and ensure your property enjoys maximum occupany at the best possible rent.

Property Maintenance
Property's a major investment and must be properly maintained. We provide regular inspection reports and give you access to tradespeople at competitive rates. Optional services include house cleaning, lawn care, general repairs, gardening, gutter clearance and so on. Of course you can do your own maintenance too if you want.

Things you should know:

  • Payment of rent from the previous month is paid to you on the last working day of the month
  • Under the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants can be evicted if their rent payments are 21 days or more in arrears. However, to evict a tenant we need to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for an order. This can sometimes take a further 3-4 weeks so in the interim a mediation is an option.
  • Under the Residential Tenancies Act, gardens and lawns are to be kept in a "reasonable condition" by the tenants. Pruning trees and hedges, spraying and vine removal are the landlords responsibility. We encourage landlords to let First National Mills & Gibbon manage this on your behalf.
  • We encourage landlords to insure chattels such as carpet, drapes, stove and other whiteware available for a tenant's use. Remember to tell the insurance company that the property is tenanted. Some policies are designed specifically to cover landlords for malicious damage by tenants. Ask your Property Manager for more information.
  • Rent increases are governed by the current rental market. We can provide you with advice on current market rates. We review your rental return regularly and adjusts accordingly.

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Our Service Guarantee

  1. We will use various marketing tools and channels to market your property
  2. We will make every effort to find tenants to meet your requirements
  3. We will use sound systems to minimise arrears and rent loss
  4. We will provide 24/7 service

Marketing Your Property for Rent

  • We will place a listing for your property on our website and other afflliated websites. Each listing will include at least 5 photos to promote your property
  • Your property will be accurately described and advertised (as mutually agreed between us). We will conduct an unlimited number or private viewings of your property until the property is leased (subject to access provided to us by any current occupant).
  • If required, we will update you on the status of your available property and provide you with regular communication until the property is leased.

Renting Your Property

  • All information and references provided by tenancy applicants will be actioned by us within 1 working day of receipt
  • All successful tenancy applicants will be credit checked.
  • If you require, all potentially suitable tenancy applications will be referred to you for a decision
  • We will lease your property for the rent agreed between us (or higher if the market justifies it) and the property will not be leased for a lower amount without your approval
  • Subject to the tenancy commencement date and the tenant's availability, we will prepare the tenancy documentation within 2 working days of tenancy approval

Rent Collection

  • We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy
  • We will follow up all rent payments in accordance with :
    • Our fully documented arrears process, and
    • The requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act
  • We will contact you to seek your instructions regarding possible termination of the tenancy
  • Should termination of the tenancy be necessary, we will keep you informed throughout the process

Rent Monies

  • All monies received by us, less fee and disbursements, will be banked into your nominated bank account within 1 working day at the end of each month

Repairs and Maintenance

  • All non-urgent repair requests from tenants will be actioned within 2 working days of receipt
  • We will not arrange any repairs to your property without your knowledge and approval for all maintenance greater than your pre-approved disbursement level (unless the repair is defined as "urgent" under the Residential Tenancies Act)
  • We will attend to any "urgent" repair requests within 4 hours of receipt
  • All reasonable steps will be taken to obtain the best pricing for your repairs and maintenance
  • We will only use appropriate qualified tradespeople for any repairs or maintenance work to your property

Fixed Term Tenancies

  • We will review the tenancy agreement for your property 21 days before it expires
  • Unless you instruct otherwise, we will offer the tenant a renewal of tenancy agreement for the same period as the initial agreement at the same rent (or a higher rent if the market justifies it)
  • You will be advised if the tenant does not want to renew their tenancy agreement

Periodic Inspections

  • Each year we will carry out 4 periodic inspections of your property as per your Management Authority Agreement, and provide you with a detailed report of each visit.


  • On receipt of a notice to vacate, we will:
    • Confirm the details in writing to both you and the tenant
    • List the property on our website and put the agreed advertising plan into effect within 2 working days
    • Prepare all necessary "end of tenancy" documentation
    • Arrange access for viewings by prospective tenants
  • A vacating inspection will be carried out to check for any potential problems with the property
  • After the tenant vacates the property we will:
    • Process the tenant's bond refund within 4 working days; and
    • Make deductions from the bond if necessary and apply to Tribunal if required.

Property Outgoings and Rent Statements

  • All agreed property outgoings will be paid on your behalf before the due date (subject to availability of funds)
  • Your rent statement will be sent to you at the end of each month
  • Your rent statement will be personally checked by the Property Manager before being forwarded to you

General Communication

  • Our office hours are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday
  • We will respond to all correspondence within 1 working day
  • We will promptly advise you of anything that affects your property or the tenancy.


  • Tenant complaints received in writing (fax, letter, email) will be acknowledged within 1 working day
  • All complaints will be formally recorded and responded to within 2 working days

We will:

  • Provide all documentation in clear and concise English
  • Ensure all documentation is accurate and complete
  • Ensure all property condition reports are comprehensively and accurately completed
  • If requested, ensure copies of documents signed on your behalf are forwarded to you

Personal Information

  • All updates and corrections advised to us will be recorded in our system within 1 working day

Professional Standards

  • The highest standards of honesty, integrity and professional practice will be conducted in compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand

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Finding the right tenant for your property is one of the most important things we do. We use a range of marketing tools to give your property maximum exposure.

Website Advertising
At any given moment, our site has a vast range of properties available to rent, and new properties are added daily. So potential tenants keep coming back.

First National Collective Taranaki email alerts allows tenant to list the criteria for their next home. When we list a property that matches their selection, they receive an email notifying them of the property. We will have potential tenants waiting to hear about your property.

Print Advertising
We advertise selected properties once a week in the South Taranaki Star and also at times in the Patea/Waverley property press.

Your Place
We produce a daily printed windowcard of available properties and place it outside our First National office on Victoria Street.

First National Collective Brand
We invest heavily in brand advertising on radio and print, including the South Taranaki Star, Property Press and Daily News.

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1. Why do I need Professional Property Managers?

Well, not everyone does need a professional property manager. The key is whether you have the time and whether you are looking to add value, someone to advise and to gather greater returns. Compliance with the new regulations is a big task and requires a lot of knowledge and expertise.If you are looking for a Property Manager to do this, First National Collective should be top of your list. Additionally, if an owner is out of the country for more than 21 days, the Residential Tenancies Act states they must appoint an agent while away.

2. What would it cost to have First National Collective Taranakimanage my property?

The management fee is charged on the rents collected on your property. This fee is 8.5% plus GST. A new tenancy fee of $300 +GST (plus $40 if trademe advertising is required) for managed properties is charged if we find you a tenant. There are no other charges, which other agencies charge i.e. maintenance on your behalf, postage fees, inspection fees, attendance at tribunal hearings etc.

3. Does First National Collective Taranaki provide a letting service only?

Yes we do offer a casual letting service for a nominal fee.

4. How can First National Collective ensure that my property is not let to undesirable tenants?

We are professionals. It is in our best interest to get the best fit for you and the tenant. We will spend time working out your preferred profile of tenant. We use a system that gives us access to full background checks, credit checks and reference checks.

5. How does advertising for a tenant work? Who pays for that?

There is no charge for advertising on our website and realestate.co.nz or in the local papers. A fee of $40 is charged for trademe advertising.Images and information relating to your property are included on the websites, social media etc, which potential tenants can view daily and sign up for our property email alerts. Additionally, we advertise in local suburban papers.

6. How does a potential tenant view a property they are interested in?

They can either phone or email us for viewing details.

7. What does First National Collective do if a tenant misses their rent payments?

Our Property Managers check arrears reports daily. If a tenant misses a payment, they know and start the process as stated in our arrears policy. Tenants will receive a text message, email or call with a friendly reminder. For periodic tenancies, we send 14 day notices, but we also will start the 3 strikes approach, 3 notices within 90 days when a tenant is 5 working days in arrears.

Day 2-3. If we have not heard back from the tenant, then a reminder is sent via text message, email and phone call. Every method of communication is used to ensure that we have exhausted every means possible to contact the tenant.

Day 4-5. A 14 day notice is issued usually via email or by post.

Day 6. If the situation has not been resolved, an application to the tenancy tribunal will be lodged under Section 56 of the Residential Tenancies Act, or if 3 notices have been given for periodic tenancies, an application will be made to end the tenancy.

When the 14-day notice expires, if the situation has not been resolved then the application will stay lodged and Tenancy Services will schedule either a mediation or hearing date.

It may take up to six weeks for the application to be processed through the Tenancy Tribunal. At this stage, the Tribunal will offer assistance in a mediation process, where an agreement may be reached with the tenant (i.e. a payment plan or a set period of time where the tenant will resolve the arrears). If no agreement can be reached, a court order is issued for the tenant to vacate and any outstanding monies owed.

8. How much does a tenant pay to move into the property?

Two weeks rent in advance and four weeks rent for bond which is lodged with MBIE.

9. Does the tenant need to pay GST on rent?

No, GST is not payable.

10. Does the tenant need insurance?

It is in the tenants' best interest to hold a home and contents policy to cover their goods in the property. The Landlords insurance does not cover their possessions.

11. How often can the rent be increased?

Under the Residential Tenancies Act rent cannot be increased more than once every 12 months and the Landlord must give the tenant 60 days written notice of this increase.

12. What does a tenant do if something needs repairing in the property?

It is in the tenants' best interest to hold a home and contents policy to cover their goods in the property. The Landlords insurance does not cover their possessions.

13. What happens if I decide to sell my property?

The tenant will be issued with a letter stating your intentions as is legally required to do so. After this the Property Manager will talk to the tenant about suitable access for potential purchasers and with their agreement, form a plan for this arrangement. In many cases investment properties pass onto other investors and the Property Manager can provide advice on this matter.

For Periodic Tenancies: If the property is sold and the purchaser requires vacant possession, the tenant will be issued with 90 days written notice. Should the tenant wish to leave earlier they are bound by the Residential Tenancies Act to provide you with 28 days written notice.
For Fixed term Tenancies: The property must be sold with the tenant in place.

14. What happens if the owners want to move back in?

If the tenants are on a periodic tenancy, if you or a family member wish to occupy the property, 63 days written notice must be given. Should the tenant wish to leave earlier they are bound by the Residential Tenancies act to provide 28 days written notice. If the tenant has a fixed term tenancy, it usually cannot be ended earlier.

15. What happens if the owner just wants the current tenant out?

The Amendment Act has now come in to force. Landlords can no longer end a tenancy by notice, unless they are selling the property (conditions apply), moving back in themselves (conditions apply) or if they are substantially renovating or demolishing the property. For more information, please contact us.

16. How does the tenant give the keys back when they leave?

The tenant will arrange a time with the Property Manager to inspect the property for the final bond inspection and hand the keys back. In some cases, the Property Manager will arrange for the tenant to drop the keys back into our office.

17. How does the tenant get the bond back?

After the final inspection the Property Manager will arrange the release of the tenants bond unless there has been damage to the property or the rental account is not up to date and then they will claim either all or a portion of the bond for the owner.

18. How will I know if my property is compliant with Healthy Homes Regulations?

We will arrange a full Healthy Homes Assessment for each property by a licensed professional who can provide a full report and compliance certificate. First National Collective is committed to ensuring that all properties comply with current and new legislation within the required timeframes.

19.How often do you inspect managed properties?

Every 13 weeks. A comprehensive report is sent to the owner once this has been carried out, along with any maintenance issues.

20. Who will manage our property?

One of our experienced Property Managers will be allocated to manage your property. Emailrentals@fntaranaki.co.nz