This property is currently not available.

At the request of the mortgagee, in exercise of the power of sale contained in mortgage number 5977073.3, First National Collective will accept tenders for the sale of all that fee simple parcel of land containing 809m² more or less being Lot 146 on DP 4 and being all the land contained and described in Record of Title TNB4/1379 (Taranaki Registry). Prior to the closing date the particulars and conditions of sale may be inspected at the office of First National Collective, 202 High Street, Hawera 4610 or at the offices of Auld Brewer Mazengarb & McEwen, Solicitors of the mortgagee, 9 Vivian Street, New Plymouth during normal office hours without payment of any fee.

Tenders Close 4pm, Thurs 17th Dec 2020 at First National Collective, 202 High St, Hawera